It seems like tensions between the United States and North Korea are getting worse. The North Korean President, Kim Jong Un, is about to attack any person who is within his spectrum of enemies, and Donald Trump is not happy about it. The U.S. President tries his best to deliver promises and keep Americans safe.

Whether peacefully or aggressively, the North Korean President must calm down. And Mr. Trump promised to take care of this. In one of his statements, the North Korean dictator expressed his desire to meet with President Donald Trump. What foods will the presidents eat if this meeting occurs? When it comes to food, what does Donald Trump have in common with Kim Jong Un?

Donald Trump to Have Dinner with Kim Jong Un

Presidents Will Eat Steak

It’s not surprising that Donald Trump is a big fan of good steak. He is the one who started the production of Trump Steak. In addition, the Donald is the one who consumes this form of meat on a weekly basis. What about Kim Jong Un, though?

In one of his interviews, the former chef of the North Korean dictator, Kenji Fujimoto, “opened up” Kim Jong Un’s kitchen door. According to Fujimoto, the North Korean dictator is a big fan of Kobe Steak. This dish is always served during important parties and events at the President’s Palace.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un Will Drink Cristal

Despite unbelievable poverty and hunger in the country, the North Korean President doesn’t seem to restrict himself from drinking expensive wines and champagnes. His favorite label is Cristal. One bottle of this “magical” sparkling wine is worth $300.

Kim Jong Un is not the only fan of good champagne. Donald Trump tends to feature expensive wines during his special events. During his inauguration, Trump had a variety of labels offered for 200 guests, including Supreme Court Justices and Congressional Leaders.

Kim Jong Un’s Hamburgers

The propaganda machine of North Korea has invented a legend about the “Great Leader” of the country. According to the myth, Kim Jong Un himself invented a “unique” dish for people of North Korea – the Hamburger. Yes, the North Korean dictator fooled his citizens by making them believe that he was the one who created the so-called “Double Bread With Meat”. Kim invented the new food to supply a quality diet for teachers and scholars.

While Kim Jong Un’s story sounds hilarious, the fact is the fact. The North Korean President loves fast food. Donald Trump is no exception. In several of his interviews, the U.S. President mentioned his love for McDonald’s Quarter Pounders. In addition, Trump has played a part in many commercials featuring the famous fast food chain.