What are the benefits of tea? Is tea the elixir of life? New research conducted in Australia found that women in their 70s and 80s lived longer if they drank an average of 2 cups of tea per day.

Think twice before saying no to a tea party. Researchers studied the health of over 1,000 senior women over the age of 75, taking into consideration their tea and coffee consumption habits.

Ultimately, researchers found that out of the 88 percent of the women were still alive after the completion of the study, those who drank 2 cups of tea per day were 40 percent more likely to live longer than seniors of a similar age.

Tea Benefits: What’s so special about tea?

From Nepal to Morocco, tea is at the basis of many diets across the world. It’s the second most popular beverage, next to water. Tea contains flavonoids. The compound is known for being a health booster.

The element is also found in wine and chocolate, but tea made the biggest contribution to the flavonoid count in the women studied. Health experts from the Journal of Clinical Nutrition recommend a daily intake of about 350mg of flavonoids. This is approximately 2 cups of tea. Easy.

Tea Benefits: It all comes down to flavonoids

Forget expensive pills. Researchers found that women drinking the magic 2 cups of “tea potion” a day were less likely to die from heart disease and cancer. These are currently the 2 biggest killers of women over the age of 65.

Previous research has credited flavonoids with a host of health benefits, from lowering blood pressure to strengthening bones.

Tea Benefits: Don’t wait until old age to enjoy a cup of tea

Studies in younger adults have shown that daily tea drinking lowers the risk of various diseases, notably heart conditions. Flavonoids improve vascular flow, experts said.

The brain may also benefit from a cup of tea. Studies showed that a cup of tea enhances neurological activity. Tea contains a modest amount of caffeine which has been proven to boost alertness and concentration.

Tea Benefits: Two Cups of Tea a Day Keep The Doctor Away