Every gamer knows that gaming is not complete unless they have snacks. Snacks are essential to complete the gaming experience, and some foods can take the experience to another level. So, every gamer out there needs to know what the best snacks are while gaming. Well, down below are the ten best foods for gamers.

Gamer Snacks: Top 10 Foods Every Gamer Should Have Before He/She Dies

Gamer Snacks 10: STRING CHEESE

One of the easiest foods to eat is string cheese, and it is perfect for any gamer. There is no mess while eating it, and it is extremely delicious. Not only that but this will also go well with other snacks on this list, so you could combine them if you wanted to.

Gamer Snacks 9: GUMMY BEARS

Yet another extremely easy food to eat is gummy bears, and they are equally delicious. Every gamer knows that candy is as important as any other snacks that they consume, and gummy bears are some of the best candies you can find.

Gamer Snacks 8: CHEWY DIPPS

Chewy Dipps are basically traditional Chewy granola bars, but they are coated with chocolate on the outside. Just as candy is important for every gamer, chocolate is equally as important. For added pleasure, you can mix up these two foods because they go great together.

Gamer Snacks 7: GRAPES

Even though eating junk food is great, every gamer needs some nutrition. Grapes are the perfect fruit, or vegetable, to eat while gaming because they don’t cause a mess. Although this is not one of the most popular snacks on this list, it can’t all be junk food!

Gamer Snacks 6: PUPPY CHOW

Now, we turn back to the good stuff! If you don’t know what Puppy Chow is, it is basically chocolate covered Chex Mix. Even though it can be a little messy, every gamer will find that it is worth the small mess because the flavor is amazing.

Gamer Snacks 5: BEEF JERKY

Snacks are always great, but sometimes a gamer needs some meat. One of the best to have is beef jerky because it’s actually finger-food. All you have to do is put a bunch in a bowl, and then enjoy one of the best foods that you can have while gaming.

Gamer Snacks 4: SKITTLES

Skittles are so delectable, and they are the best candy in the world. I always found that they went well with water, for whatever reason, and you can give this a shot the next time you pop in a game. Even if you decide to skip the water, you can still enjoy eating them, though.

Gamer Snacks 3: M&M’S

OK, I understand Skittles and M&M’s are very identical. However, they have enough distinction to warrant them both making this foods list. Just think of M&M’s as the chocolate version of Skittles. If you are a gamer who likes variety, you could even put both of these in a bowl together.

Gamer Snacks 2: PRINGLES

Pringles are much better than regular potato chips because every single chip is the same size. This may not seem like a big deal, but when you are gaming you don’t want to have unnecessary distractions. Gamers will not have this problem with Pringles as they are one of the rare snacks that have consistency.

Gamer Snacks 1: CHEEZ-IT

The undeniable greatest snack for any gamer to have is Cheez-It’s. Every single cracker is perfectly flavored, and they are an extremely easy food to eat while gaming. The only issue I see with this is sharing this snack with your buddies. All you have to do is tell them, as the tagline goes, to get their own box! If you are a hardcore gamer or even a modest one, then you need to game with Cheez-It’s.