Gordon Ramsay is a chef and TV personality who is famous for his scandals and jokes. Not only Ramsay is a great chef but he is an amazing sex advisor. In one of the recent Youtube videos, Aaron Calis portrayed the famous chef as a sex expert. Below is the list of the top 5 Sex Tips from Gordon Ramsay.

Gordon Ramsay: Top 5 Sex Tips for Pornhub Fans

Gordon Ramsay Sex Tips: 1. Open Up the Legs

Gordon believes that legs are some of the most important parts of woman’s body. Before you begin opening them up, ensure that your lady is ready. Make her feel comfortable.

Gordon Ramsay Sex Tips: 2. Watch Your Hands

When it comes to touching, you have to ensure your hands know what they are doing. Besides the obvious erogenous zones, there are a plenty of unusual places that your woman might want you to play with. Focus more on her inner thighs and lower back.

Gordon Ramsay Sex Tips: 3. Signs She’s Ready

There are a lot of secret signs involved in the process. And you should be aware of them. If a woman says that she feels comfortable around you or if a woman initiates sleepovers, she is obviously ready to have sex with you. Not only that. She might begin touching you more often and ask you provocative questions.

Gordon Ramsay Sex Tips: 4. Do Not Be Scared about the Bottom

Take initiatives in bed. Don’t be scared about the bottom. Don’t be afraid of surprising your partner. She wants to have a man in her bed (not a boy).

Gordon Ramsay Sex Tips: 5. Treat Her with Respect

It seems obvious, but not everybody remembers this rule when it comes to having sex. Treat your partner with respect at all times, the way you would want someone to treat your sister. And the woman will undoubtedly keep you happy all night long.