Is McDonalds good for me? Let’s face it, McDonalds is not good for you. No matter how you slice it, if you eat at this restaurant constantly then you are probably going to die early. However, that does not mean that the restaurant itself is not amazing because here are five reasons that prove it:

Why McDonalds is Amazing: Variety

Besides having excellent food, and service, one of the biggest aspects to a restaurant’s success is their menu. This is exactly what McDonald’s does to perfection. There is so much variety in their menu, and each time you go there you could end up eating something different. Also, different regions of the world will have their own dishes at their restaurant.

Why McDonalds is Amazing: Family Friendly

There are millions of McDonald’s stores across the world, and each one has their own unique eating experience. Some cultures believe that this fast food chain is better as a sit-down restaurant with their families. No matter how you view the restaurant, the experience will always be different no matter where you go.

Why McDonalds is Amazing: Cheap

Sometimes, people need to eat for a cheap price. Well, McDonald’s will definitely not break your bank. This is only considering that you are not feeding a family of ten! With their dollar menu, there is no doubt that you could feed your family for under $20. Only spending this much money is a rarity in the world we live in today.

Why McDonalds is Amazing: Delivery

Did you know that McDonald’s actually delivers? Yep, that is right, but they do not do it everywhere. In around 18 Asian countries, the citizens have the ability to use their delivery service. They even have bicycles, for smaller orders, and vans, for larger orders, that make all of the deliveries.

Why McDonalds is Amazing: Original Taste

As long as you do not eat out constantly, McDonald’s is a nice change of pace. Even though the food is really bad for you, it still tastes like something original. Eating here allows you to differ up your usual “boring” schedule.

Top 5 Reasons Why McDonalds is Amazing