The National Chocolate Day is my favorite holiday. As a celebration of this amazing fact, I have compiled the list of Top 7 Countries Of The World With The Most Delicious Chocolates.

Chocolate Countries: Denmark

Danish people consume tons of chocolate. Moreover, an average person from Denmark eats around 8.57 kg of chocolate per year. As a result, this chocolate addiction has vastly improved the quality of the popular product across the country. Thus, Denmark is now full of quality chocolate brands such as Denmark Chocolate Company.

Chocolate Countries: Italy

Italy makes more than 6 billion pounds of chocolate every year. Furthermore, its chocolate brands Venchi, Ferrero Rocher, Perugina Sutti, and Amedei are famous in every corner of the globe.

Chocolate Countries: France

France is a Queen of Dark Chocolate. Fancy chocolate nuggets with liquor are not the only delicious product this country is known for. Romantic and unforgettable Valrhona and Richart also come to mind.

Chocolate Countries: Mexico

The traditional Mexican cocoa was consumed by old civilizations of Mexico many years ago. Today, the country owns over 70 chocolate companies that make millions of people happy around the world. Examples of the brands include Ibarra, Taza Chocolate Mexicano, and Ricollino.

Mexican chocolate is famous for its spiciness and tingliness. Moreover, these delectable pieces burn in your mouth! Thus, watch your tongue every time you put a Mexican sweet in your mouth!

Chocolate Countries: Switzerland

Switzerland is a classical example of a typical chocolate country. Who hasn’t tasted Nestle at least once in their lifetime? An average Swiss man or a woman consumes over 22 pounds of chocolate per year.

Chocolate Countries: Belgium

True, Belgium doesn’t have its own cocoa. However, that doesn’t prevent the country from importing over 6.8% of net cocoa from other countries, including the richest qualities of chocolate. Even Switzerland, with its modified chocolate, cannot compare to the Belgium Godiva or Neuhaus.

Chocolate Countries: USA

It is not surprising that the USA is among the biggest producers of chocolate. With brands like Hershey, Snickers, and Milky Way, America is one of the world’s top chocolate nations.

Top 7 Chocolate Countries Of The World