Hunger Games rules are very simple – the more stressed you are, the more your food preferences change. Does it sound familiar to you? According to a study by the College of Zürich in Switzerland, stress affects your self-control and thus makes you change your habits.

Hunger Games and Self-Control Sabotage

Have you heard of the phrase “stress eating?” The phrase was not created without a reason. Your brain changes its normal behavior when your organism is stressed. Unconsciously, you begin consuming different types and portions of food.

Food, Stress, and Then Relief

In a study by the College of Zürich in Switzerland, twenty-nine volunteers underwent a treatment producing moderate stress (ice bath treatment) in the University Lab. They then had to select between two food options. After that, twenty-two other volunteers had to choose between two food options, but they did not undergo the torturous treatment.

The results of the tests were astonishing. The researchers discovered that the slightly traumatizing experience of the treatment made the first group of the participants choose unhealthy food, while the second group of the volunteers decided to stick with the healthier option.

Stress affects the brain’s patterns of connectivity which ultimately reduces our self-control over food choices. In other words, even small amounts of stress can reduce self-control.

Stress is in The Air! Does Food Care?

Making the right food choices are crucial to living in today’s world. We should be trying to take better care of ourselves. A good start would be to begin exercising and engaging ourselves in social activities that have the effect of reducing stress levels.

The power of stress should never be underestimated. We should learn how to be aware of our stress levels and try to reduce them. In this way, we will help ourselves make better food choices and healthier lifestyles.

Hunger Games: How Stress Affects Your Food Choices