Have you tried throwing an iPhone from the rooftop of a ten-floor building? No? Well, how about dropping an iPhone encased by a Chipotle burrito from a ten-floor building? Still no?

Not many of us have such perverted minds as those on the GizmoSlip team. The Youtube geniuses ran a burrito challenge. In the video, the guys wrapped an iPhone into a burrito and then dropped the smartphone burrito from 100 feet. Sounds amazing! Doesn’t it?

YouTube Shows How to Eat An iPhone; Apple Fans Excited

The iPhone Burrito Drop

In the best fashion of GizmoSlip, the YouTube video is ridiculous. After being rejected by a vast number of burrito artists, the team decided to wrap an iPhone into the burrito by themselves. What surprising is that the smartphone has successfully survived the dropped test and worked.

Burritos Help Apple Test New Products

Hypothetically, it could be a great idea if Apple agreed to collaborate with teams like GizmoSlip in the testing phase of the company’s new products. Not only it could increase the number of funny videos posted on Youtube, but the data could be useful for the Apple design team.

I, for one, would love to watch an “iPhone Baked In An Apple Pie” drop test or an “iPhone in Frozen Yogurt” challenge.

YouTube Is Already Apple Device Testing Platform

GizmoSlip Team performed different sorts of drop tests. Thus, Youtube could already be the Apple Device testing Platform. From the watermelon drop to the gummy worm challenge, you can find a good number of hilarious videos. Wait! How about a liquid glass putty protective coating on a Mac?!

Bizarre food and tech tests inspire creativity. YouTube is the perfect place for entertaining videos such as the one with the Burrito and iPhone. Such hilarious videos will surely continue to inspire an indestructible line of smart devices.

What drop tests would you want to run with your food? Leave your comment in the comment section.