Is eating insects good for you? I can tell you a story. When I was in Mexico City, my friend bought a bag of “snacks” for me. The bag full of bugs and flies smelled like that chile/lime combination. Those creatures’ spiny little legs seemed disgusting. The insects were dead and dry and ugly. All of their bodies were curled up. I was afraid of eating them. However, somehow we ended up sipping drinking cheap beer and eating insects on a patio in Plaza Coyoacan.

Why Eating Insects is Good For You

I was Eating Insects in Mexico

In Mexico, I spent three weeks where I tried to eat all sorts of things: from pig’s faces to cow’s tongues. Nothing seemed as disgusting as dead caterpillars and grasshoppers. I ate them carefully, one after another…

Eventually, the fear disappeared. The very next day, I went to a three-Michelin-star restaurant and I ate insects once again. You may not believe it, but grasshoppers in chilies and frijoles topped with a slow-cooked egg are marvelous. I remember the taste of the ant larvae that I had. It was dehydrated into a powder and sprinkled on baby corn with coffee and mayo.

In Mexico, insects are everywhere. It’s not just some kind of weird street snack. Mexicans incorporated this type of food into their 12-course meal. Eating these little bugs is a privilege and a delicacy. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have cost me 1400 pesos per dish.

What do Insects Taste Like?

So, what do insects taste like? Sometimes the bugs are mild and nutty. Sometimes they are a little bit sour. If you eat grasshoppers, their legs are slightly stringy and fibrous. From fried to dried, they can taste salty or sweet. They can even taste like popcorn or beer. Once you eat enough, they won’t seem odd anymore.

Did you like my story?