Food has always been cool. These days, pop culture is taking food to a new extreme. It seems that everywhere one goes, one cannot escape the searing sounds, succulent slurps, and tenacious tastes of the foodie world. There are dishes for every palate out there and that is no exaggeration. Whether you prefer the old school cooking shows such as Martha Stewart, or the more adventurous (and borderline psychotic) foodie stylings of Andrew Zimmern, you must admit that we humans do a great job of examining all aspects of food.

That being said, have we reached a limit? Are we too saturated with foodie travel shows, mean chefs, and wild food trends? If there is any evidence of a limit, it is this list of disgusting meals that will certainly make you throw up. Remember, that is not the goal of these recipes. The creators of these monstrosities are actually serious. Let us begin.

Most Disgusting Dishes 1: OUTLAWED CHEESE DISHES

Some dishes might taste or look so bad that diners jokingly suggest some kind of rule against serving them. However, they won’t joke upon discovering this olfactory outlaw. Casu Marzu is a pecorino cheese made out of sheep milk. The Sardinian specialty is constantly ranked as one of the most disgusting cheeses in the world. The direct translation for Casu Marzu is “rotten cheese.” You get the picture. What makes this cheese illegal is the highly unsanitary production process, due to its natural breeding ground for maggots.

Most Disgusting Dishes 2: SOFT BOILED BABY DUCK DISHES

“Soft boiled baby duck” doesn’t seem so bad, right? Well, this isn’t your average baby duck dish. In the lands of Vietnam and the Phillippines, one will find a dish called “Balut” nearly everywhere. To make a long story short, these eggs are completely fertilized. When you crack open the shell, do not expect a creamy yellow yoke. Instead, look for a little duck fetus with small bones, feathers, and a head.

Most Disgusting Dishes 3: WEIRD MONGOLIAN DISHES

The average westerner doesn’t know much about Mongolia. That is especially true about these meals. Perhaps after finding out about Boodog, you will want to keep this cuisine a mystery. Boodog is a barbecued meat with a strange twist. The Mongolians found a way to cook the goat from the inside out. The recipe includes hanging it upside down, bleeding the animal, and breaking all of its legs, of course.

Most Disgusting Dishes 4: WHOLE SHEEPSHEAD DISHES

You know what a sheep is, right? Ok, picture that cute little thing on your plate with everything but the hair intact. Appetizing?

Most Disgusting Dishes 5: STRANGE OCTOPUS DISHES

This isn’t your average grilled octopus over here. The Japanese have a unique way of enjoying their octopus that may give you the heebie-jeebies. In this dish, a raw octopus is served straight out of the sea onto your plate. The octopus is rubbery, tasteless, and still moving.

Most Disgusting Dishes 6: STINK HEAD DISHES

Hopefully, if you see a dish called Stink Head, you will avoid it. Don’t tell that to the Alaskans though. This fish is a staple of Native Alaskan cuisine and, as you have probably already guessed, it doesn’t smell very good.

Most Disgusting Dishes 7: DEADLY FISH DISHES

For this one, we go back to the far East and check out our good friends in Japan. One of Japan’s most elite meals is lethal. It seems like just a cute, tiny puffer fish. It is cuddly on the outside, but its veins contain an extremely deadly venom. Do not attempt eating if you enjoy living.

Most Disgusting Dishes 8: MOOSE NOSE DISHES

Canada has some weird traditions. Most of the world lets them get away with that. However, perhaps now it’s time to take a stand. To the untrained ear, Jellied Moose Nose might not sound so bad, but try saying that again after you eat it.

Most Disgusting Dishes 9: BAT PASTE DISHES

This one pretty much speaks for itself. It is roasted bat turned into a paste.

Most Disgusting Dishes 10: CHICKEN FEET DISHES

Now, there may be millions upon millions of people that will disagree with this one, because chicken feet can be prepared in a way that is delicious. However, you’re still eating chicken feet and that’s kind of gross.


Once again, the fiery Scots all over the world will blatantly disagree with this one but for anyone unfamiliar with Haggis, listen up. If you decide to order this hearty dish sometime, be warned that it contains liver, sheep’s heart, and lungs all mixed together with oatmeal suet. Furthermore, it’s cooked inside the animal’s stomach.


The Middle East is famous for delicious snacks like hummus and grape leaves, but have you ever heard of Khash? Khash is an adventurous little meal made from stewed cow’s head and feet. As one might expect, this is certainly a delicious delicacy. (Sarcasm detected).

Most Disgusting Dishes 13: JAPANESE EYEBALL DISHES

Leave it to the Japanese to grace this miraculous list yet again. Do tuna eyeballs sound appetizing to you? If so, then book your next flight to Japan. These little things are everywhere.

Most Disgusting Dishes 14: SPAM DISHES

OF course, you can’t talk about disgusting foods without mentioning the world famous Spam. What is Spam? Well, millions around the world will tell you that it’s delicious. However, it is still a mystery meat and a horribly unhealthy one at that.

Most Disgusting Dishes 15: ICELANDIC DISHES

What do you know about Iceland? For one, it’s actually quite green. Thank the Vikings for that. Furthermore, Iceland has this famous dish called Hakarl. With this cuisine, they rotate the carcass of a Greenland shark, bury it underground, and press it with stones so the poisonous fluids drain out. Doesn’t that sound simply appetizing?

Most Disgusting Dishes 16: FAMOUS SWEDISH DISHES

We all like to joke about the Swedes and their pickled herring, but it’s no joke. The dish for Baltic Sea herring uses just enough salt to prevent rot. That still doesn’t make it very tasty, though.

Most Disgusting Dishes 17: CENTURY OLD EGG DISHES

If you think that week-old bread is bad, wait until you hear this one. In China, they have these rotten eggs preserved in clay, lime, and ash for a few months. From there, the yolk turns black, green, and white until it becomes a slippery jelly tasting of sulfur and ammonia.

Most Disgusting Dishes 18: THAI BUG DISHES

Foodie trends are beginning to embrace this new fad, but that doesn’t mean we all have to. People in Thailand have enjoyed eating grasshoppers for centuries. This simple dish is made with large grasshoppers, pepper, salt, and chili all wok-fried to crispy perfection. Hence, this is one dish that Timon and Pumbaa can get behind.

Most Disgusting Dishes 19: WASP CRACKERS

Continuing the trend of bugs, we have the world-famous wasp cracker. Actually, it’s not really world-famous. Just go ahead and take a wild guess at who has the nuts to stuff a bunch of dead wasps into a cracker. Hence, it’s our old friends the Japanese!

Most Disgusting Dishes 20: STRANGE DRINK DISHES

Kumis is technically a drink but it’s still disgusting. This dairy product is fermented female horse milk. However, it has amazing laxative properties.

Most Disgusting Dishes 21: HUMAN MEAT

Don’t worry, you’re reading this right. Some people love eating human placenta’s, and they aren’t all Hannibal Lecter-types either. Apparently, eating a placenta can relieve us of postpartum depression and even pregnancy complications. Hence, many take to making a placenta cocktail to reap its benefits.

Most Disgusting Dishes 22: RAW BLOOD SOUP

The title says it all.

Top 22 Most Disgusting Dishes That will Make You Throw Up