Those of you who care about environment and animals don’t have to worry anymore. These days, we humans know how to make meat out of plants. And it’s all with a little help from Beyond Meat.

What is Beyond Meat?

Beyond Meat is essentially a group of activists who are doing their best to reduce greenhouse gasses. Furthermore, these folks are passionate about healthy eating. The head of Beyond Meat, Ethan Brown is trying to sell a meat substitute that smells and tastes just like the real thing. Yes, it’s a sort of “fake meat” that is unbelievably delicious.

What Does Damage the Environment?

The UN once stated that livestock takes up 18% of the blame for all gas emissions associated with greenhouses. It’s more than all the dirty planes, the cars running on gas, and the trains on Earth. Why do you think it is that way? The resources we use for cleaning land for pasture, the fertilizers we use for crops, and the resources we use for livestock transportation are the reason. Also, believe it or not, farts (livestock farts) play a significant part as well.

New Idea Will Save Animal Lives

On the one hand, vegetarianism is quite popular among the young people these days. On the other hand, new technology is becoming more advanced. So why not to combine two factors together and create something that tastes like meat but is not meat?

By combining yellow pea powder with some vegetable sources and by separating protein from fiber, Beyond Meat has a unique product that is as loaded with protein as is your average steak, sandwich, or burger. Ethan believes that everyone must give this new unique type of food a try to help save the environment.

Fake Meat That Tastes Real

Beyond Meat believes that the unique product should be featured in every supermarket in the meat section. Those who tried this “fake meat” find the product very promising.

What is Beyond Meat? How to Make Meat Out of Plants?