KFC is a famous fast food chain that specializes in fried chicken and, as it turned out, rats. According to the Life.ru report, a Moscow native was given a fried rat instead of the chicken in one of the KFC stores at “Prince Plaza” mall.

Moscow Times, Coffee, and a RAT

After finding the coziest spot in the fast-food restaurant, the Russian Citizen Oleg Poniatskiy opened his favorite newspaper and started reading. The morning coffee and the newspaper were a perfect beginning of the meal ceremony. The things changed quickly after the man bit his fried “chicken.”

The “chicken” had four paws, a tail, and fur. Covered in starch and oil it still looked like a rat. What happened next is someone’s imagination.

Moscow Times, Coffee, and a RAT

What’s Next

After the incident, the victim is thinking of filing a complained to the Russian Federation Consumer Rights Protection. Will the man get paid a million dollar settlement? Probably not… This case is not the first one.

rat in food

Rats in Russian Snacks

Several years ago, a rat was found in a package of the crackers “3 Korochki.” One more case featured a mouse in a sausage.

These findings are just a few out of many. The problem is serious, but the punishment seems to be not so much. In any case, mice in food is just a reminder to all of us. Watch Your Food!

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