For those of you who want to try something new and LEGAL, we’ve compiled a list of top 5 Most Delicious Marijuana Foods.

Although the foods are perfectly legal, please ensure you are familiar with the term THC dosage level.

Number 1: Hashman Infused Dark Chocolate

Hashman Infused Dark Chocolate
Hashman Infused Dark Chocolate

This product comes in several different flavors (vanilla, indicia, cherry). Do you want to try these bars? If so, you can order the chocolate on Hashmaninfused website.

Number 2: Starr 1 Purple Star Gummies

Starr 1 Purple Star Gummies

You can find this product on several websites. One of such sites is budsguru. Here you can order one unit for $30. Warning! This food is extremely potent.

Number 3: PUNCH bar


These bars are probably the most popular. The product comes in several flavors like Milk Chocolate, Caramel, and Almond. Punch Bars are considered one of the best medicated marijuana edibles.

Number 4: Topanga Harvest Muffins

These Muffins are featured on several websites. On one unit will cost you $7. The product comes in three different flavors: apple cinnamon, blueberry, and butter scotch.

Number 5: Voodoo Sours

Voodoo Sours
Voodoo Sours

This design of this Marijuana edible is hilarious. One unit of these candies will cost you $20. The product is super strong but delicious!

Medical Marijuana Cookbook: Cannabis Food for Mind and Body

If you want to try something unique, Medical Marijuana Cookbook is your way to go. The book contains a collection of unique recipes created by a professor at Oaksterdam University in Oakland Ca.

With the help of this cookbook, you will learn how to make mac and cheese on the leaves, smoking buffalo wings, and high scalloped potatoes. From potency levels to gluten free options, this book covers everything. in addition to the above information, the book has perfect reviews and the best rating of 5 stars (out of 5).

The American Medical Association has now confirmed that medical marijuana is beneficial for selected individuals.