I know it sounds funny. But it’s not the name that makes chicken delicious but the final results.

Essentially, “Chicken Anus on Beer” is a whole chicken that is grilled in an unusual way. Here is what you need.


To make Chicken Anus on Beer, you need butter, garlic salt, regular salt and pepper, and paprika.

How To Cook

Step One: Preheating Process

Preheat you Grill for low heat.

Step Two: Melting Butter

Melt half a cup of butter.

Step Three: Mixing Spices

Mix one tablespoon of garlic, a little bit of salt and pepper, and one tablespoon of paprika together.

Step Four: Preparing Beer

Prepare half a can of your favorite beer. You can drink the other half of it.

Step Five: Filling Up the Beer Can

Add fresh butter (not the melted one) and spices to the beer can.

Step Six: Baking Sheet

Prepare a baking sheet.

Step Seven: Getting Reading for Grilling

Place the can on the sheet.

Step Eight: The ‘Anus’ Part of the Process

Set the bird on the can. Insert the beer can into the chicken’s anus

Step Nine: The Basting Process

Pour the melted butter over your chicken.

Step Ten: The Grill Part and Waiting

Put your baking sheet with the bird + the can on the Grill. Keep the Chicken on low heat for about three hours. 

It takes a little bit of time to cook “Chicken Anus on Beer”. But the results will surely amaze you. Make sure you don’t overcook this baby. If made the right way, it comes out moist and flavorful. Some people try different variations of the recipe by adding BBQ sauce or lemon juice to the bird. Try the classic recipe first and then make your own version of the dish. 

Let us know how you like it. Is it delicious? Will you cook it again? Leave your comment in the comment section.